Great Western Aspects


Great Western Aspects is a series of small booklets, each one of which looks at a particular aspect of the Great Western Railway in some detail. So far, three books have been published in the series:

1) Burghclere Signalman
2) Winchester (Great Western) - a Snapshot in Time
3) Sutton Scotney: Life at a Country Station

The fact that all so far have been about the Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway should not be seen as setting a pattern for the future - it is merely a reflection of the material to hand.

In fact, we would be delighted to hear from anyone who has an idea for a booklet of this size (between 40 and 60 pages) on any aspect of the Great Western Railway, its constituents and its successors. If you have an idea please get in touch with us at with a brief synopsis and an idea of the pictures you have available.

Typically, the kinds of subject covered will be too large for a magazine article, but too small for a standalone book. In time, Great Western Aspects will build into a comprehensive series on the GWR, and given suitable material, will also be repeated for other large railway companies.


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